Run Horse Run

[transcript from performances]

i've been thinking about the distance between our opinions and actions

i want to understand what triggers our empathy
what makes us care
and then what makes us realize those feelings by actually engaging, or not

distance offers a place to hide
i wonder when it’s a necessary act of self care to hide from what we know
or to look away
to avoid the risk of gaining more knowledge which might be hard to ignore

i wonder what i should be able to see
what knowledge i should be able to handle
a wise friend of mine told me that
“should” is a bad word
as it’s passive and harsh and judging
so I’m trying to stop using it against myself

[pulls up shirt up and shows care label]

These are called care labels

i’ve been cutting them off of my clothes, for as long as i can remember really,
i thought i was doing it because they are uncomfortable
against my skin
but I’ve realized it’s maybe mainly a mental / moral motivation

next to the care instructions
production country is usually stated

i'm not gonna talk about that
i'm not gonna bring any facts
i believe that everyone in here knows enough already
about the production sites at the other end of our economic system
that we know enough to feel that nobody we care about should have to work or live under such conditions

i find it ironic that they are called care labels
that we are instructed to take care of garments that are often produced to be cheap enoughto break and  be replaced quickly
by brands that are not taking care of the people working for them
or working for us
I’m trying to figure out my role as an individual in this global system

[cutting care label off from own shirt]

Now I'm collecting these
as art-project-material

the ones that i collect from others will keep my own ones company

so i’m asking you
to cut care labels from your clothes
and give them to me

…(and then it ended a bit differently depending on the situations, but usually something like)
I've brought scissors and i´ll be here, so come up to me afterwards if you want to!

the first 4 out of 21 events were documented here:

full list of events:


181106 mötet under performance-kursen Cirkus in Situ


181108 Jinoos Kick-Off Party including Circus in Situ Performance Event


181119 veiledargruppmöte på USF Verftet i Laurie och Samuels studio


181212 Göteborg Folkteatern, spoken word open stage,


181219 Sthlm Open Poetry, Landet


181225 Sundsvall, Galleri granen pop up utställning 50X70


190110 Bergen, Klimafestivalen § 122, before screening of documentary “Tomorrow”, at Hotel Montana


190122 Bergen, Klimafestivalen § 122, klesbyttsfest på studentsenteret


190126 Bergen, Klimafestivalen § 122, fashion show, avslutning.


190204 Oslo, open mic på Henriksen


190206 Växjö Konsthall


190207 Växjö Kronobergs konstskola


190207 Växjö Doc Lounge


190210 Umeå, Veganskt Folkkök Hamnmagasinet 


190210 Umeå, Föreläsning: Krossa vanmakten med ickevåld

av Another development foundation, Bilda, Kristna freds, Stellan Vinthagen, 35 pers


190212 Umeå, Ingen människa är illegals folkkök, vegansk buffé på kulturhuset klossen 20


190214 Uppsala, CEMUS: Spaces for (un)learning in an age of ecological unravelling at Kollaboratoriet


190215 Göteborg, Omställningsbar efter FFF (Fridays For Future strejk)


190220 Oslo, open mic spoken word at Kafeteatret


190227 Bergen, Det akademiska kvarter
open stage art & teater, mest studenter men inte bara från uib, 25 pers


190503-190510 Bergen, Galleri Kjött 
interaktiv installation under utställningen So Great Meeting You


200309 Bergen, KMD, Design and Empathy - workshop connected to EU project SciCulture

in total 700+ participants